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Time is so precious, and flies when you're raising a young family. The everyday juggle is real and taking time out for a holiday is essential, here are our 5 musts for the perfect family holiday so they become treasured memories as your little ones grow big, and for you to look back on with tears in your eyes.

1. New Experiences

Holidays are the perfect time to experience new things, put aside your usual everyday and try something new, or a twist on something you love.  Think hiking, snorkelling, kayaking, new cuisine and cultures, meet different animals.  Make sure to choose a location that encourages new experiences, it doesn't have to be elaborate or the other side of the world, just new. 

2. Opportunity to learn

Locals, guides and hosts have an incredible wealth of knowledge, when choosing your holiday, try to find a place you can learn from the experts who live that everyday.  We parents sometimes think we can teach our kids everything, but when learning from some one else, you will learn alongside your kids.  Connecting on deeper level with shared learning experiences.  So book that tour of the art gallery or chocolate factory, meet the meerkats not just visit the zoo, go along to any available tours and notice the experience amplify.

3. Balance

Holidays are for the whole family. Make sure you factor in time for everyone to have what they need to reset. For kids that might be down time, a day just by the pool to just be, no shopping trips, no tours just time to explore and be them. For parents, make time for you too, book yourself a round of golf, a massage, or just go for a walk on the beach or through the bush by yourself, time alone is so incredibly valuable. Be with your own thoughts, connect with your heart and make honour yourself.

4. Meet New people

Holidays are so much fun when shared, you can leave the regular you at home ignore your regular stories and hats and choose which parts of you to share. Kids are incredible teachers of this, watching them join in games with others at a park they've never been to, or running aside each other somewhere new. Why not invite a family you meet out and about to share a meal together, teach your kids how to communicate and it's not always kids having to meet new people, they learn by watching, introduce yourself to someone new whenever you can!! 

5. Time to chill 

Some holidays can be a bit like your everyday life in a new spot, especially if you choose a self contained apartment or house. It's a great way to save money on meals over a resort style holiday but be prepared and allow yourself time to chill. Cook meals in advance and go away fully prepared, fill the fridge with healthy snacks and meals will give you time to relax and chill out.  
If there is a TV, try not turning it on, change the screen rules for the family and just be. Sit and watch the birds in a tree, leaves blowing in the breeze, check out some new family games or read a new book together. Sit outside and breathe fresh air, no matter what the weather, lay in the grass and make pictures with the clouds.  

Stop - Breathe - Relax - Connect

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