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Have you got a child who is a sensitive soul? Do they struggle with new things, have anxiety or awkwardness in social or group settings?

Love the idea of our farm guardian group but not sure that your child will be comfortable?

Equine assisted learning is all of the learning and connection with horses as equine therapy, without the therapy side, no digging into past stories, traumas or memories.  Just breathing - living in the now, connecting with animals and feelings.

Herd Connections is a program for sensitive kids to learn strategies for regulation, understanding and come to realisations about themselves. They will connect with horses, family and a small group while they learn about herd dynamics and accept their differences.  Relating their every day experiences to the herd in the paddocks enables understanding without judgement or confrontation.  

The horses lead with love and kindness, allowing openness and heart connection

Creating Bonds that Last a Lifetime

Every week, our program has a different theme including: connection, respect, mindfulness, leadership, regulation, animal needs, trust and resilience.

We learn about herd dynamics and draw on the parallels with our own lives, at home and school, understanding all the different animals on the farm, how they interact and how they all fit to create one big beautiful family. Yes, there are disagreements and battles for hierarchy, the animals show us the balance and that at the end of the day they let it go and everything is just perfect exactly the way it is. Every visit is a surprise, a new adventure waiting to unfold. Your child's eyes will light up as they connect with their special animal friends, they'll learn about their needs, how to care for them and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experiences that open their eyes to the responsibility of caring for another life, teaching compassion, dedication, and problem-solving skills that are invaluable in every walk of life.

Experiential Learning

Our Equine Guided Learning enable children to focus on regulation in the present, providing them with life skills and strategies for managing their big emotions in their everyday. Embrace compassion, self-confidence, awareness or others and emotional agility to break through barriers and shift thinking.

And, when their hands get chilly from the outdoor fun, we've got just the thing to warm them up - a delicious hot chocolate and a freshly-baked cookie. It's the perfect ending to a day filled with learning, laughter, and love.

A Guide, Mentor, and Friend

With my experience as a qualified equine-assisted learning practitioner, I am someone your child can confide in, learn from, and look up to. With my guidance, every interaction your child has on the farm turns into a valuable lesson. I understand that each child is unique, and so is their way of expressing and connecting. By fostering a nurturing, non-judgmental environment, I encourage your child to open up, engage in meaningful interactions, and build relationships.

This isn't just about making friends with their peers or the animals they meet every week. It's also about nurturing a relationship with themselves and with nature. I facilitate these connections, helping children understand their emotions better, communicate more effectively, and appreciate the natural world around them. I also have a knack for making learning fun and relatable.

Whether it's understanding the responsibility that comes with caring for another being or learning to empathise with animals' needs, I always tie these lessons back to the children's lives. I'm not just teaching them how to take care of animals - I'm preparing them to be mindful, empathetic individuals who understand the importance of mutual respect and care.

Why Choose The Herd Connections Program?

The Herd Connections program starts with a private session for your child and the family, whatever that looks like for you. Just a parent and child or the whole family, whatever you would like. We will work together to get comfortable and meet the herd, meet and get to know Bek and start a relationship without the pressure of a group. 

Then we have 6 sessions in a small group of no more than 4 kids, this will ensure that everyone is heard, can be comfortable and get the most from the sessions, some will be grooming and connecting with the herd, others will challenge. It will be like a choose your own adventure with the group deciding what they feel like each day.

The final week we will have another private session, during this time, you can invite anyone they might like to the farm to join in, they can meet their favourites and share the friendships they have made. This session will be designed around your child and will be a great combination of keeping them comfortable but also challenging them to grow and expand on what they usually do.

Take the Next Step

The chance for your child to embark on this unique journey is just a click away, arrange a discovery call now to discuss how this program can be tailored to your child.

I couldn't get my child involved in anything else and she always wanted a friend to go with.
This was the first programme she was happy to attend (at all) and by herself.
I knew she would love time with the animals and thankfully she jumped at it.
I've noticed her confidence growing and she is now more inclined to participate in things by herself.

Ava 10


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