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Families are complex - with each person being unique and incredible, they both clash and get along with others in their own ways.

As parents, your kids are perfect mirrors of you - showing up all of your insecurities and those traits of yours that aren't your favourite. They're also experts at pushing your buttons, testing the boundaries and challenging ourselves to be better and more resilient.

Never before has parenting been so challenging - with so many outside influences on our kids, it's a complicated web of intricacies - support networks are limited and judgement, comparison and self-doubt are all consuming.  

We can help engage and resource the whole family to improve your interpersonal relationships.

With the horses as our guides, they bring awareness without judgement to your family dynamics, gently helping change patterns, set and respect boundaries, allow mindfulness, manage anxiety, build resilience, respect and communication. 

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Humans

The horses always inject the perfect amount of fun, challenge and excitement into your sessions.

Wow, talk about Big Emotions! 
We were certainly meant to be there and for everything to play out as it did. Not sure hubby was quite ready for it with some work challenges he's facing, but it has strengthened me and I had this weird inner calm afterwards processing it all. The ah-has we're sooooo needed.
What a wonderful - and perfect - professional practice for you to be training in - You're a natural!! 

Thank you - Sharon


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