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Hey, we're Bek and Adam. We bought this property back in 2019, wanting a different life for our family, we fell in love with the quirky, rustic charm of the totally overgrown and uninhabitable property, now know as Nurture Creek. 

Since then we have been opening up the areas around the buildings, renovating and working out the nuisances of the property and buildings, to come to the final product, Nurture creek a haven of connection where families and business people can disconnect from their regular lives and enjoy the peace and beauty of our property and hobby farm. It's still a long way and lots of work to get it to what we are visualising but with lots of work and dedication, we will get there.

I (Bek) am a qualified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, who started her professional journey with nature 24 years ago in the ocean, teaching scuba diving.  From there I grew and developed various businesses for others and then myself while juggling a house and family.

A born naturalist, who craves being grounded, I love our little patch of the world and the various hidden spots that are perfect to ponder the world. I’m so excited to be sharing it with other families, through our farm stay and learning experiences.

Adam works full time in web design and marketing, occasionally he helps with this wonderful site but usually he is busy at his computer, until it's clock off time then he is the feeder, mechanic, grounds keeper.


Jane - Is an Arabian Pony, she is adorable and will come to you if Ruska is with someone else, she has two shades of brown and is our daughters riding pony. 

Ruska - Is an Icelandic horse, she is a chestnut with flaxen mane, her name means Autumn colours.

She's only little but she's a strong little Viking horse who can carry the biggest of adults, she is incredibly spirited and always on alert for adventures and new things. She's super snuggly and always first to the fence!

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Horses


Well, steers actually... Their favourite thing in the world is brushes, they LOVE being brushed. They're ruminants like the goats, so you will quite often find them lying in the shade relaxing. If you're calm and quiet, they may let you approach them and have a cuddle but be aware, they are big boys...

Jasper is a disbudded Highland x Galloway - he's the boss so will push Clancy around a bit, don't get between him and others when there's food around.

Clancy is his brother - he has just one horn (he was disbudded but it didn't work so well) and it looks a bit scary but he won't hurt you (on purpose). He loves treats and if you're brave ask us to show you how to hand feed him!

Midge is a beautiful foster Jersey that we feel in love with so we adopted him. He loves scratches and will pop his head in your laps for hours if you scratch him!


Sebastian and Ferdinand are girls (despite their boy names - ask Adam about that!), they're very cute but a little aloof. If you want to get close, the trick is to sit down on the ground and stay quiet, they will rarely let you touch them but they're friendly and love nothing more than giving you a good sniff. They never spit but don't love pats.

Sebastian (Scaredy Sebastian) - She wont come to you but she is interested in you, she will have her ears back most of the time.

Ferdinand (Friendly Ferdy) - She will come up to you and follow you if you walk, but run away if you try to pat her, her ears are always forward.


We got the boys only a month after we bought the farm - they were 8 weeks old and we bottle fed them every day. So now they think our kids are their parents and they LOVE people.

Billy - Is a Toggenberg which is why he has toggles on his neck. He's the boss and can be a bit pushy - just push him out of the way and be the boss, he's alright!

Splodge - is the black and white splodgy goat. He's our favourite and the'll follow you around all day if you give him scratches under his chin and talk to him nicely.

Snip - is the littlest brown and white. He's a bit like an alarm and will be sure to sound it if he's hungry or if the others are up to mischief that he can't join in with.

Milo - Milo has a black body white feet & little brown stripes. You might worry he gets pushed around a lot but that's just because he's still learning his place.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Goats


Indy is our beautiful Border collie. She is a blue marle colour which is a bit unusual and often has her confused with an Aussie Shepherd, we call her our farm dog but really she isn't trainined, more a best friend for everyone than a working dog!

She is super gentle and loves kids, belly scratches, water and running wild around the property. She has the run of the property greeting everyone at their car door and keeps the chooks safe from foxes.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Dog


Wilbur came to us as a foster but we fell in love so we adopted him. Soon after, he was so sad all alone so we adopted Pumpkin from Edgars mission to keep him company, they are now besties and will snuggle up in bed together.

If you reach down and scratch Wilbur's belly he will roll over, he might seem big but he is super sweet.

Pumpkin is has super rough bristles but a gentle beautiful boy, he will come running and loves scratches down his face or on his back.

The pigs are pretty heavy so if you're in with them please be aware that they expect scratches non stop and will bump you to remind you if you stop.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Pigs


The chooks are the only productive animals on the farm giving us eggs most days!

We have the Big Girls: Storm, Trooper (the black Australorps), Nugget, Rocky, Cheese (the brown Highlines) and Charli's Angels - Cameron, Lucy and Drew (the white Silkies).

And then we have the little gang: Moody Judy is a tiny Grey Pekin Bantam and The G-SquadGael, Gigi, Gloria, Gillie, Genny Penny, Gabe, and ,are the babies of Judy and our dear departed Gary - the best rooster ever.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Chooks


Zing likes to strut his stuff and show off his crazy colour changing face, his long or short snood, red caruncles, extendable wattle and big puffy feathers.

He's really very friendly and will follow you everywhere - he can be intimidating with his Gobbling and puffing up, but he will never ever let you touch him, so if he's in your space, just walk towards him pretending you want to touch him. This shows him YOU are the boss and once he sorts that out, he will settle down!

We have also just introduced Big Tom and Tiny Tim to the flock because all animals need others of their kind around them.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Turkeys


We adopted 2 beautiful little orphan lambs Mr Monopoly (black face), now known as Monty and Hopscotch (brown splotchy face), usually known as Hoppy.

Edgars Mission asked if we could help out and adopt these guys whose Mums had been killed by predators so of course we said yes.

Hopscotch had his tail and ears mangled in the attack and Monty's tail was broken but we hope they're safe here with us and they have already mended from the trauma.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Sheep


Bobby the Bearded Dragon lives in the main house and is only available for visits by booking an up close encounter with our son.

Lachie will introduce you to Bobby and you will learn about him and how he lives, eats and the interesting way he drinks while getting the chance to hold and touching him.

Nurture Creek Family Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria The Dragon

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