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What do we need to bring with us?

We provide all linen, towels and basic supplies such as oils and soaps etc. We certainly recommend you bring some gumboots as it's sometimes pretty wet and with them on, you and the kids can head out exploring and have fun without worrying about poop or mud!!

What restaurants do you recommend?

You can check out our favourite eating spots on our Local Attractions page, they're all within 20mins from the farm and delicious!

What time is Check in/out?

Check in is from 2pm and check out is 10am.  We have had people book an extra night so they can enjoy the farm for the whole last day and drive home in the late afternoon, to be in their own beds for school/work the next day.  

What is your minimum stay?

We really recommend a minimum of 3 nights, this is after 2 years of running the farm stay, feedback from guests staying just 2 nights is they wish they had booked 3 or 4, taken a day off school/work to really enjoy their time.

2 nights means you’re only at the farm for one day and that just isn’t enough time to relax, enjoy and recharge.   If you're bringing kids, the first day/night is always getting used to the place, high emotions and sometimes restless nights sleep.  Every family who stays just 2 nights, has tears leaving and the parents are always wishing they had stayed an extra night, they simply haven't had a break or been able to relax yet.

We’ve had a few families book for the Sunday night but not stay, then they can stay at the farm for the whole day, before then packing up and heading home for work and school Monday morning, this is a good compromise as we can't do late check outs due to cleaners needing to come and do change over.

Can I stay for a whole Week?

Of course, the longer you stay to more you relax and really get to know the animals, our average stay is 3.6 nights and the best reviews come from the longer stays.  Our area has so many different things to do, or you can simply relax and enjoy the change of pace surrounded by nature.

Can you look after my kids?

For sure! There are a few different packages that allow parents time off. That, or we can offer babysitting services during your stay, check out the options and email us if you have something specific your thinking about!


Should I choose the Cottage or Log Cabin?

That depends on who you are travelling with: 

By yourself - Log cabin all the way, it's got a bath with a view to spend forever in 💕

With an adult partner or friend you're happy to share a bed with - Log cabin for sure.

Need separate beds - Cottage, you even get your own room.

Kids - Cottage, the Log cabin is adults only.

Your family - the cottage has everything your family needs.

A Carer and their NDIS participant - the Cottage is perfect for you to both have your own space but close to help.

An extended family - book both, have a queen bed for two couples and a shared room for up to 3-4 kids 

In summary:

The Cottage is a little house with 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, lounge, dining room, laundry, bathroom and covered deck with BBQ.

The Log cabin is a two room log cabin built in the 40s, it has a queen bed and cozy lounge room, a covered balcony with kitchenette and BBQ and a beautiful bathroom with external access up 4 stairs. so you need to go old school and outside to the bathroom, once you're there, the view is spectacular.

We have 2 adults and 4 kids. Can you make an exception?

In the cottage, Room 1: Queen size bed. Room 2: Double bed and single bed.


That's the standard 5 guests, but if you would like we can add an extra mattress into one of the rooms so that you have enough space for the extra kids. The extra mattresses will be on the floor and at an extra cost each night, there is also a portacot if you have a tiny tot with you.

I am in need of animal company. Do you have horses to spend time with?

Sure thing, we have four horses, Ruska, Jane, Rocky and Cedric! 

They're all really friendly and will happily come to the fence for scratches. If you would like to spend time up close and getting to know them, then it's best to choose either the cuddles or whole experience package. During your time here you can then head into the paddocks for snuggles, brush them, learn to lead them, get to know and really connect with them. They are all very different and have lots of incredible insight into people and will really help you relax and unwind, actually calming and slowing your heart rate, just by being around them!


You’ll also enjoy the cows energy, they will sometimes allow you to sit with them during our getting to know you experiences. It’s such a relaxing and grounding way to spend time! We even have a few hammocks for laying around in with a good book and the wrens are so amazing and relaxing in wattle grove. The perfect place to find your Zen.

What is the most people you can accommodate?

With both the log cabin and the cottage we can accommodate 6 adults and 2 kids, in total we have 3 Queen/Double beds and 1 Single + we can do an extra mattress on the floor for kids in the cottage.

Are we able to cook in the cottage?

Yes, you can cook - the cottage has a full kitchen and BBQ with the basic oils and sauces provided.

Can you cook for us during our stay?

If you’d like, we can arrange meals for you from local businesses, so we can fill your fridge for you with beautiful nourishing meals for your stay, sadly we are too busy caring for the animals to cook incredible meals for you ourselves!


Can we play/pat the animals?

Sure can! The Some cuddles package includes on average an hour a day that is suitable for you and us where you can interact with which ever animals you choose, come into the paddocks and get to know everyone. Help feed, collect eggs, muck out stables and paddocks, groom, walk and do just about anything you like.

Likewise the whole experience package includes an average of 2 hours a day with the animals, ample time to learn everything you'd like to learn and build beautiful connections with your favourites.
If you have selected the room only package then your time is limited to over the fence encounters and loads of hugs with Indy, the farm dog.

Can we collect eggs?

During your package time, if you would like to collect eggs, we can incorporate that, for sure.  the little kids certainly love doing this more than anything at the farm.  We provide a few eggs in your room for your breakfast no matter what package you choose, assuming the girls are laying.  We are against the animal industry's ethics so if the girls aren't laying then eggs aren't always available.  They are usually pretty good, but some times of the year, they look after their bodies and not ours as a priority :)

My child is afraid of animals, will they still have a good time?

That’s the million-dollar question, but is just too complex to answer for everyone. 

We have found the best option is for them to sit and watch the animals from any of our lovely sitting areas. Quite often we have found kids are afraid because the interactions they have usually had are very sudden - they are very quickly introduced and expected to just pat that animal without time being given to them to feel safe. 

We can work with your child during our experience sessions to ensure that they feel safe and we will do our best to ensure they have a great time. That said, for complex trauma, we may need to arrange for a therapist to be here to help them work through their emotions. Please make a note that they are afraid in your booking, as our beautiful dog Indy and the chickens are free ranging and we can make sure they are contained on your arrival and introduced slowly so that your child can feel safe from the second they step out of the car.

If your child is afraid and you are choosing to not book our experience sessions, please ensure that you have adequate energy to help them during your stay. Too many times, we have families hoping that being here will cure the big feelings and it really is just completely over whelming.

We are vegan, are you growing your animals to eat?

Definitely not. Our animals are our family, and after numerous different farm stays where the kids played and fed lambs only to be able to buy lamb chops at the front gate...well...it left us all pretty upset. We don’t ever consume our animals - they are free to live their life, just grazing and getting cuddles and scratches. And because we don’t steal their babies or send them off in trucks, they’re all gentle and super friendly. They love human interaction, they're not scared of it.

Can we feed the animals?

Yes, if you choose the cuddles or whole experience, you can choose for your time to incorporate feeding times. The times vary depending on the animals we have and their needs at the time. we find that not feeding consistently makes for a calmer and peaceful farm, the only times the animals are pushy or rude to people is when they're being fed so we feed in a very specific way. This ensures, the animals understand expectations and are polite to people at all times

There are some foods including weeds that are toxic to various animals and we have some with specific dietary requirements, that said we do ask that guests never feed the animals outside of feeding time and without supervision. Even just grass picked from the other side of the fence can be toxic to the wrong animal at the wrong time of the year, this is a very firm boundary that we have at the farm and will not tolerate this being broken for your safety and the long term life of our fences.

Can we visit the animals without having to pay to stay the night?

At Nurture creek our mission is to build relationships, understanding and memories. We do this with farm stays or regular visits in a private environment. There are lots of petting farms you can visit for a few hours and Pat/feed animals.  If you would like an ongoing activity, check out our Experiences page!


Can we bring our bikes?

Yes, you can bring your bikes! There's not many easy trails to ride at the farm (it's very hilly) but we're not far from the Warburton Trail which is an amazing ride. As well as that, Lysterfield Lake or Kurth Kiln National Park are both amazing and not too far away!

Are we able to do a fire, as the boys want to toast marshmallows?

Yes, you can certainly to do a fire in accordance with local fire restrictions. We have a campfire set up in a safe spot so you and the kids can collect sticks and wood and make a night of it - so much fun watching the stars and fire in the yard.  We do ask that you notify us of your request in advance so we can follow the proper procedures, and ensure everyone stays safe including alerting the authorities.  Not doing so can result in hefty penalties which will be charged to you.

Is there anyting fun to do at the farm in Winter?

Winter is just as fun as Summer - usually we have baby calves you can help bottle feed in the sheds and the animals all need extra love and scratches. If it’s raining, we just put on gumboots and coats and play outside, no matter what!


You can see some activities at the farm here. We are also close to lots of great tourist attractions so you can head out and explore the area.


If you’d like the kids to have more adventures with us, check out our packages here, that’s heaps of fun and we make sure they have fun, no matter what the weather!


Could you give me an indication of prices please?

Our check out our current rates here

We've booked the room only, can I decide and upgrade to one of the other packages when we arrive?

That all depends on the week and what Bek has already booked, we run private experiences daily and regular groups during the week and on the school holidays.  If we have capacity we can upgrade you but it's never guaranteed.

Why isn't the log cabin cheaper than the cottage?

The log cabin sleeps only 2 yes, but it's a very different experience to the cottage, it has been beautifully renovated and has the most incredible eco-friendly bathroom with an over sized bath with floor to ceiling (one way) window for the most stunning view to enjoy the animals and the hills from the bath or toilet.  

The renovation has been completed with all timber cut from trees that fell on the property in the terrible storm of June 2021.

All water is sourced from the sky, the grey water is used to water the fruit orchard and it even has a composting toilet to save water and protect the beautiful bush surrounds, 85% of it's power is generated from the solar system at the main house.

So yes, it only sleeps 2 and the cottage 5 but it's a very unique experience which we think is very reasonably priced.


Do you have gift vouchers available?

Sure thing, we have vouchers available for any amount you wish – Just contact us at [email protected] or via the form below. What a wonderful gift!

I only want to stay one night, can you accommodate us?

We have a minimum of a 2-3 night stay.

Any less time and the feedback we have had from guests is that they just don’t get the experience and time to detox on technology and their busy lives. We don’t want to just be a motel, to just find a bed for the night, but rather a place you can come and have an experience that will connect you back to nature and yourself, so one night just isn’t respectful of that process.

There are lots of alternative accommodation venues in the Dandenongs that will help you for your one night stay, you can try https://www.visityarravalley.com.au/ for some beautiful options.

I have NDIS funding - can that be used for our stay?

I’m unfamiliar with your specific funding and it will depend on your plan.   


If you have any specific info you need for your invoices we can issue you one for your plan, if you'd like more specific advice book in for a discovery call here and I can help you over the phone https://nurturecreek.as.me/discovery-call


Your child will love it here. All the kids have the best time, chilling with the animals and just enjoying the different speed of life. And spending time wandering through the paddocks and the bush, is great for self regulation and mindfulness.

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