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A personal development session where you will connect with our beautiful animals and work through various emotions and feelings. 

The first session is always a super chilled getting to know you day. No heavy digging or agenda, no probing questions and discomfort, just connecting with Bek and the animals, seeing who comes to visit and be seen and start to discuss the dynamics in the herd, naturally you will see mirrors in your own life and relationships.

All sessions are all lead by you and with the horses as our guides they will gently open conversations, share insights, help change patterns, set and respect boundaries, allow mindfulness, challenge and accept without judgement, manage anxiety and develop emotional agility.

There is no judgement except for what you see in yourself and we can help with strategies and perspectives to shift that. Every opportunity and interaction is a chance for growth and learning but only when you're open and ready to receive the gifts from our loving friends.

Hi Bek, Thankyou for being so generous with your time today. Lucy commented that it was 'soooo good' and she didn't even know what part was her favourite. I thought the sessions was really lovely and was grateful that you allowed me to be involved. We would like to engage you on a regular basis and there's no need to convince me, I know the huge benefits of AAI, we excitedly await our next session!

Emily & Lucy

From the moment I stepped onto the farm, I could sense the passion Bek has for her craft and the connections she makes between the client and the animals. The many furry assistants created a warm and calming environment, instantly putting me at ease. The animals, whether it be cows, horses, or even chickens, exuded an incredible sense of empathy and comfort. The session itself was taken in a calm and approachable fashion and was an overall positive experience. 

Mia (aged 16)


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