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G'day there, fellow cow cuddlers and animal enthusiasts! You've landed in the perfect spot for a unique, heart-warming, and utterly "moo"-tastic experience down under. At Nurture Creek, we often get asked, "Can I come and just hang out in the paddock and cuddle the cows?", so let me tell you, the answer is YES! But there's a twist to this story that involves our beloved horses and a sprinkle of luck.

The Paddock Pals: Jasper, Clancy, and Midge

Picture this: You're surrounded by rolling green hills, the sun kissing your cheeks, and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves. That's the setting of Nurture Creek, where we offer an extraordinary experience based on equine-assisted learning. We're primarily horse-focused, but here's the delightful twist - our beautiful Highland cows, Jasper and Clancy, and the charming Jersey, Midge, share a paddock with our horses. Now, we can't promise that every visit will guarantee you a cow cuddle, but if you're super lucky and the stars align just right, one of our "hairy" boys might be in the mood for a snuggle. So, let's meet the stars of the paddock!

Jasper: The Fluffy Gentle Giant

Jasper is the kind of Highland cow that dreams are made of - a hulking, fuzzy, and oh-so-lovable creature. With his huge frame and that iconic shaggy coat, he's the undisputed king of the paddock. When he's in the mood, he's more than happy to oblige with a cuddle session that will make your heart soar.

Clancy: The Highland Heartthrob

Clancy, on the other hand, is our charming heartthrob. With those soulful eyes and a coat as soft as a cloud, he's the one to steal your heart in an instant. He might be a bit coy, but when he decides it's cuddle time, you'll be swooning in no time.

Midge: The Jersey Jewel

Midge, our Jersey cow, adds a touch of diversity to the mix. He's a foster fail - which means he was too irresistible to let go! Midge's warm and friendly nature will make you feel like an old friend in no time. He might not have the Highland cow's signature fluff, but his affection knows no bounds.

The Cows and Calves of Nurture Creek

Throughout the year, we also collaborate with the incredible charity, TTCCH, to foster calves from the dairy industry. It's an honour to be part of this initiative, and we cherish the time we spend nurturing these sweet calves.

Cuddle Time: A Bucket List Experience

Now, if the idea of cuddling cows is on your bucket list (and why wouldn't it be?), we've got a suggestion for you - come and stay with us! Our different packages are flexible with times, allowing us to pick the perfect moment when our Highland cows are in the mood for some brushes and pats. Our resident cow whisperer (that's me!) will teach you the art of calming your energy. You see, cows are incredibly sensitive creatures, and building trust with them takes time and connection. But believe me, the magical experience you'll have is one you'll remember forever!

A Day in the Life of a Cow Cuddler

Let's dive into the "moo"-nique experience of cuddling our furry friends at Nurture Creek. It's like stepping into a storybook, and you're the protagonist.

Morning Bliss: As the golden rays of the Australian sun start to peek over the horizon, you'll find yourself drawn to the paddock. There's something about the serenity of the early hours that brings our cows and horses into a state of tranquil bliss. With a cup of your favourite brew in hand, you'll venture out to meet Jasper, Clancy, and Midge. Approach them gently, taking in the fresh scent of the countryside, and offer a kind word. Cows appreciate a friendly "G'day!" just as much as anyone else.

The Art of Calming Energy: Now, let's talk about that essential skill - calming your energy. It's like having a secret handshake with our cows. I'll be there to guide you through this process, helping you tap into your inner cow whisperer. As you learn to move and breathe in harmony with our gentle giants, you'll begin to see the magic unfold.

Patience Pays Off: Remember, building trust takes time. But trust me, it's worth every moment of patience. You'll witness their curiosity piqued as they gradually approach. It might start with a cautious sniff or a nudge, and before you know it, you'll be sharing a heart-warming cuddle.

Storytime with the Cows: As you bask in the company of these "moo"-gical creatures, you can share your thoughts, dreams, or even your favourite stories. Cows are excellent listeners, and their warm, brown eyes will reflect the serenity of the moment. It's a bond that transcends words.

Rest and Reflection: After an unforgettable session of cow cuddling, you might want to find a cozy spot nearby to relax. Nurture Creek offers picturesque views that invite you to sit back, take in the beauty of the Australian landscape, and reflect on the incredible connection you've made.

Come Stay and Create Memories

So, dear cow lovers, highland cow enthusiasts, animal lovers, and anyone in need of a peaceful break, we invite you to Nurture Creek, your gateway to a world where cows, horses, and nature converge to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're visiting from down the road or across the globe, we promise you an experience like no other. It's a chance to slow down, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Australian countryside, and connect with these majestic creatures in a way that will touch your heart.

Book Your "Moo"-ment Today!

So, what are you waiting for? If the idea of cuddling cows, highland or Jersey, sounds like a dream come true, reach out to us and book your "moo"-ment today! Our flexible packages ensure that you have the best opportunity to make friends with Jasper, Clancy, Midge, and even some adorable foster calves. Join us at Nurture Creek, where cow cuddling isn't just an activity; it's an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a heart full of love for our furry friends.

We can't wait to welcome you into our "moo"-tiful family!

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