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Cute Cows


Spend the day at the farm, enjoy getting to know the various animals, watch how they interact, regulate emotions and see the impact with the animals.

Our day will be a mix of fun, animal connection, jobs like grooming and mucking out and mindful time in Nature. We may even do some games with the horses, depends what the kids interests are.

To ensure that everyone gets the most from their day and can fit in with the group, we do ask that parents of neuro diverse kids contact us prior to booking, we don't want anyone to miss out so we will arrange the different needs and personalities booked on each day so that each child can have the best possible experience.

Age suitability approx. 8-12 years old

Maximum 6 participants per group

I was a bit nervous coming today, I don't really like animals but Mum made me come, I glad she did because it was so much fun, they were so friendly, some way to close to me but Bek helped keep me safe, I just stayed behind her if I was worried and that was ok.  I will be braver next time.

Leon 8

Thank you for sharing this hidden gem you have put your hard work into. So much to say about Nurture Creek?

Chloe, Branda, Flynn & River


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