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"How you do anything, is how you do everything" Not sure who was the original person who said that quote but it's one of my faves.  

I like to think that every day I am living a life on purpose and doing what I love and majority of the time that's true, but sometimes the people pleaser in me comes out and I find myself doing everything for everyone except me. 

Last month, was an incredible month at the farm, we were just about fully booked, just a few random nights between guests. All stays were 3,4 or 5 nights, all of the families, couples, and friends had an incredible time, I loved getting to know them, it was super relaxed.  There was space for them to enjoy the farm, head out and see some of the local sites and ample time to just sit, relax, recharge, and refresh, I could see the city washing off their bodies in the sunshine as they enjoyed their visit. Each day a calmer more serene person would greet me for feeding each morning.

This month has been a stark contrast, all stays have been two nights, flit in, flit out. Rush rush rush. Hi - bye, gotta go, shit to do!! Although guests have thought they just wanted a quick break, it’s far too quick. Families are in chaos, kids are crying and beside themselves as parents try and pack them in the car, the parents haven’t had five minutes to have a coffee after unpacking, getting settled finding their feet, then having to pack up and go. Everyone just miserable, leaving back to their same crazy everyday.

We don’t really want to tell people how to live their lives, but what we do want is Nurture Creek to be a wonderful, relaxing place, a time people remember where they made treasured memories, enjoyed slowing down, connected with themselves, nature, animals, and their loved ones. There are loads of places to stay if you just need a room, we are no longer going to try and be everything to everyone, we do what we do best and love every minute.

And so we have made the decision to increase a minimum nights to 3 nights, giving you at least two full days to relax, connect and unwind.  

We are excited to have all guests leave the farm having had time to sit and enjoy, explore the bush trails, shop in our local villages, enjoy our cute little tea houses, spend time relaxing and connecting with your loved ones and yourself.

After all isn’t life about doing everyday what lights you up?

Ready to Stop and Smell the Daisies?

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