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Business people always have a never ending list. Most of us stay busy being busy and don’t actually grow or achieve our goals, if in fact we even have them at all.

This workshop will span 3 days, each with a different focus and with the horses as our special guides, they will help us understand what’s going in inside our minds and bodies.  Connecting with like minded business owners is an incredible gift you can give yourself, knowing that you're not alone in itself is priceless.


    You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, Business is this every day! This day will help you explore your challenges, dig into what is getting in the way of your success, and start shifting old patterns that no longer serve you.


    Connect with yourself and your why. If you can dream it, you can do it, so today we will dare to dream, playing with the horses and allowing our imagination to take charge.


    Today we will help you prioritise what’s important and give you strategies that really work to execute and achieve your goals over the next few months. You will finish this workshop with a sense of relief and clarity, you’ll be recharged and ready to go!!

This workshop is for you, if you know there is something standing in your way, you are passionate about change and want to do better for you and your family.

I would also love to extend our accommodation to you for the duration of the workshop. We have 3 queen rooms available and are slightly different prices, from just $340 for a shared cottage for 3 nights you can get away from your every day life and fully immerse yourself into your business and make significant changes.


I am very much looking forward to helping like minded business owners who need some support, bring your partner (business or life) for only half price when work shopping the same business, get on the same page and recharge together for an incredible 2024.


~ Lunch and healthy snacks each day,

~ 2 sound healing sessions to complete your transformation,

~ Practical help to Refresh & Recharge yourself and your business.


APRIL - Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th

From 9.30 - 3pm each day


I attended the 3 day business reset with Bec at Nurture Creek, It was such an incredible pause from the day to day challenges of running a business and a real chance to step back, take stock and experience some of those mind blowing realisations that help to project you forward in life and business. The lessons from the work with the horses were deep and profound, the sound healing was an extraordinary and transformative journey and the opportunity to meet and share with other business owners was a real treat. The love and guidance from Bek was wonderful, from the wholesome delicious food, the facilitated sessions and sharing of her incredible space and animals. I highly recommend the Nurture Creek business refresh and recharge for anyone in business, you deserve it.!

Kimberley Boswell - The Forever Agenda

My partner and I recently gifted ourselves time away for a "Refresh & Recharge your Business" experience at Nurture Creek. Our pre session "homework" was fuel for some great internal musings and deep conversations as a couple. As a professional horse person it was a fun to be guided by Bek and the herd and not be the one in charge for a change. The Sound Healing session was deeply moving and I had a life altering, transformation response.  Bek has crafted experiences, workbooks and reflections that are still resonating with me. We both had quite different personal shifts through the activities but left feeling connected as a couple, knowing each other and ourselves so much better. Our stay in the cottage was super comfortable & relaxing. Although life was beyond chaotic/stressful at the time I am so very glad to have invested the time and money into this beautiful opportunity for professional and personal development. Feeling much more grounded, focused and light.  Highly recommend to anyone needing something to change in their lives. Take time to step away from the "Noise" of everyday life and see it from a different perspective. Thankyou Bek and the herd for creating a place for the magic to happen. Love you and what you do. Keep making magic.

Amy and Shane xox 

I went in with no expectations and this was a new experience. There were lots of personal challenges that I came face to face with but in a non-confrontational way. I really liked there was no pressure to share if you didn't feel comfortable and we were never rushed and made to feel we had deadlines to meet. That said we got through so much and there was no wasted fluff around time. So many huge shifts from just 3 days!


For a first of a new offering in facilities that you are trying to get up and running you did an AMAZING JOB. Bek you were very professional & organised with your plan and ideas for the sessions. There was a warmth and joy of leaving expectations at the door. Food was delicious, company wonderful! There was a real sense of honest, down to earthness about everything. 'I'm so pleased that you didn't wait to have everything perfectly finished with the building etc... before launching into the course. For me that was really important - made me more conscious of the roadblocks I might put up in front of myself in life and business by overthinking how things "should be" xox



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