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Looking for an activity for your animal loving kids?

Do you love the idea of them hanging out with animals, but can’t justify the hundreds of dollars an hour for horse riding lessons, or the crowds and mistreatment of animals at a petting farm?   Do you want someone that your kids can talk to and learn from. Help them build relationships with themselves, peers, animals and nature?

A Unique Adventure for Your Little One

Picture this. Your child, wide-eyed and bubbling with excitement, steps onto a beautiful farm full of friendly animals ready for their weekly dose of care and affection. Imagine their laughter filling the air as they engage in lively conversations, asking a million questions about the animals they meet. The Farm Guardian program is here to turn this picture into reality, offering your little ones an enchanting experience they won't find in any classroom.

Creating Bonds that Last a Lifetime

Every week, our program has a different theme including: connection, respect, mindfulness, leadership, regulation, animal needs, trust and resilience.

We learn about herd dynamics and draw on the parrallels with our own lives, at home and school, understanding all the different animals on the farm, how they interact and how they all fit to create one big beautiful family. Yes, there are disagreements and battles for heiracy, the animals show us the balance and that at the end of the day they let it go and everything is just perfect exactly the way it is. Every visit is a surprise, a new adventure waiting to unfold. Your child's eyes will light up as they connect with their special animal friends, they'll learn about their needs, how to care for them and create memories that will last a lifetime.

These aren't just tasks - they're experiences that open their eyes to the responsibility of caring for another life, teaching compassion, dedication, and problem-solving skills that are invaluable in every walk of life.

Experiential Learning

Our Equine Guided Learning enable children to focus on regulation in the present, providing them with life skills and strategies for managing their big emotions in their everyday. Embrace compassion, self-confidence, awareness or others and emotional agility to break through barriers and shift thinking.

And, when their hands get chilly from the outdoor fun, we've got just the thing to warm them up - a delicious hot chocolate and a freshly-baked cookie. It's the perfect ending to a day filled with learning, laughter, and love.

A Guide, Mentor, and Friend

With my experience as a qualified equine-assisted learning practitioner, I am someone your child can confide in, learn from, and look up to. With my guidance, every interaction your child has on the farm turns into a valuable lesson. I understand that each child is unique, and so is their way of expressing and connecting. By fostering a nurturing, non-judgmental environment, I encourage your child to open up, engage in meaningful interactions, and build relationships.

This isn't just about making friends with their peers or the animals they meet every week. It's also about nurturing a relationship with themselves and with nature. I facilitate these connections, helping children understand their emotions better, communicate more effectively, and appreciate the natural world around them. I also have a knack for making learning fun and relatable.

Whether it's understanding the responsibility that comes with caring for another being or learning to empathise with animals' needs, I always tie these lessons back to the children's lives. I'm not just teaching them how to take care of animals - I'm preparing them to be mindful, empathetic individuals who understand the importance of mutual respect and care.

Why Choose The Farm Guardian Program?

The Farm Guardian program isn't just another activity. It's a safe space where your child can grow, learn, and make lasting friendships. At the end of the term, your child will graduate as a Farm Guardian, complete with a special gift! It's an achievement they'll be proud of, an accomplishment that signifies their growth and the bonds they've formed.

Take the Next Step

The chance for your child to embark on this unique journey is just a click away. 
We will be running come and Try sessions in the holidays, so you can come along without commitment, meet Bek and the herd, see what it's all about, ask all the questions and then decide if it's right for your child to lock it in for next term. Don't delay, spaces are limited to 4 in each group.

What an incredible program, Ivy loves coming to 'farm school' every week, it's the only activity that she really looks forward to.  Monday night dinners are the only night she talks about her day and we hear everything, from the way the goat nuzzled her to how to wash the horses safely, to building trust with the baby chickens.  The life lessons she is learning from "Just playing with the animals" are priceless.  She's asked me to rebook her and make sure she can keep coming back forever.  Thank you so much Bek

Sandy & Ivy 10


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